Frequently Asked Questions

What can AiCam do?
Why does AiCam focus on privacy?
What data is AiCam app collecting?
Why didn't I see a cookie banner on this website?
How smart is AiCam?
How do I pay to use AiCam?
Why using a phone as security camera?
Why is Event Detection disabled while streaming?
Why my device is overheating?
Why does the camera stop running?
Tips for improving AiCam's stability
How secure is the video livestream?
Error: "Unable to connect to device ..."
Error: "Deny streaming request"
Devices screen shows more devices than I have
How to improve the accuracy of facial recognition?
How to exclude video from auto delete?
My device is not shown in Devices screen
How to view the camera using other iCloud account
Can AiCam work as a HomeKit security camera?
Why streaming works with Wi-Fi but not with 3G/4G
Error: "Cannot load ML model"
Do I need iCloud to use AiCam?
How can I change the name of my device?
Can I record video on purpose?
How to integrate AiCam with IFTTT or Zapier?
What is the purpose of the shield button?
What is the "orange light" icon in Camera screen?

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