Turn old phone into
an AI security camera

Most Advanced. Privacy First. On-Device AI.

Discover how AiCam is used to protect your home

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Powerful features to protect your home and your properties

Watch your home with
full privacy

Your privacy is our first priority. Just download AiCam app and start using it. No login or registration required.

We do not collect your data. No ads, no tracking or analytics. Your footage stays with you, not in our server.

Intelligent alerts

Get real-time alerts, not false alarms with AI smart event detection:
- AI Image Recognition of Human, Familiar Face, Unfamiliar Face, Cat, Dog, Bird, Bear, Vehicle
- AI Sound Recognition of Speech, Siren, Dog Bark, Baby Cry
- Device Motion Detection
- Camera Motion Detection
- Noise Detection

See what happened

Review events recorded exactly when they happened. Use advanced filter to quickly search for an event and view the recording. Videos are stored locally on-device or optionally on your private iCloud account.

Automation with Siri Shortcuts and Webhook requests

Do more with Siri shortcuts. Turn on/off monitoring based on time or location. Automate your home when an event is triggered by sending Webhook request to automation services of choice like IFTTT or Zapier.

And many more amazing features!

Instant push notification

Get instant notification on event detected in your mobile phone.

24/7 live video

View your camera live feed securely with end-to-end encryption, anywhere and anytime without any time limit. Or use Local Network Mode for offline Wi-Fi streaming.

Store data securely on iCloud

You can store videos locally on your device or optionally on your private iCloud account to access from any connected devices.

Record video in 4K quality

Record video in HD or 4K quality to catch the moment.

Webhook request

Send webhooks request on event detected to trigger any automation service like IFTTT or Zapier.

More AI features to be added

We constantly improve our product and add more AI smart features.


Flexible and versatile solution for many use case scenarios

Home security

Protect your room, home and family from burglary, intrusion, fire, and unexpected events

Baby monitoring

Reassure of your child no matter where you are in your home

Elderly care

Follow your loved on their routine.
Get instant alert in emergency situations.

Pet monitoring

Keep your pet safe while you are away. Capture their funny and lovely moments automatically.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Thousands of users are already enjoying AiCam. Hear what some of them are saying!

IT Developer

In the last few years IP cameras have become smart, mandating cloud connections, and become a privacy nightmare in the process. AiCam makes the difference.

Home Owner

I have a spare iPhone. When I discover AiCam, I'm really happy that now I have a smart security camera. It detects and records events, so that I don't have to search through all the feeds.


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Turn any Mac computers with Apple Silicon (Apple M1 or M2 chip) into an AI smart security camera.

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iPhone & iPad

Turn an old iPhone or iPad into an AI smart security camera.

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