How secure is the video livestream?

How secure is the video livestream feature of AiCam?

AiCam is a video camera app that offers video streaming via WebRTC technology [1]. With this technology, the video stream is end-to-end encrypted on a peer-to-peer connection.
If both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, the video stream is transmitted securely through the local network. The video stream is only transmitted through the internet if your devices are on different networks.

However, there are instances where users may prefer not to connect to the internet. Good news because we have Local Network Mode! This feature allows you to stream video via your local Wi-Fi network only. This feature is also helpful when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network but have no internet connection.

How to enable Local Network Mode

Follow these steps to enable Local Network Mode:
- Step 1: Open AiCam
- Step 2: Go to Settings > Streaming
- Step 3: Enable Local Network Mode on both streaming and viewing devices

What is WebRTC?

[1] WebRTC is a Google-developed technology used by many products such as Google Hangouts and Discord and many others to allow real-time video chat. Its direct peer-to-peer communication makes it possible to transmit encrypted streams from one device to the other. However, some limitations will interfere with its operation if the network connection of your device is limited or behind a firewall. You can test your connection as described here. When establishing this type of connection between two devices, they exchange negotiation messages, which tell them how to form a peer-to-peer connection. All negotiation messages are securely encrypted on-device, and only devices in the same iCloud account listed in "Devices" screen in AiCam app can decrypt them. You can learn more about WebRTC and how it works here.