Error: "Unable to connect to device ..."

AiCam shows an error message "Unable to connect to device ..." or you cannot view the camera live feed

Check the setting:

First, make sure that:

  1. You have the same setting for "Local Network Mode" on both streaming and viewing devices (AiCam app > Settings > Streaming). If you want to view the live feed over 4G/LTE or internet, ensure that you have "Local Network Mode" turned OFF.
  2. Access to Local Network is allowed for AiCam (Settings app > Privacy > Local Network)

Then force quit the app on both devices and retry again.

Check the network:

AiCam uses a direct peer-to-peer connection for video streaming to ensure data privacy. The limitation is that it may not work, whether your device is behind a firewall or connected to a limited network, like a corporate network. Some cellular network providers may limit P2P connection. In this case, please retry with another network provider. Please see this FAQ for more detail.

You can check your network connection by opening this URL on both streaming and viewing devices:

Note: We do not use Twilio, but their network testing website is helpful to see if the current network connection is limited since we use the same WebRTC technology.

Sometimes just disconnecting then reconnecting your devices with the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE will resolve the issue.